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Evolutionary Process Facilitation & Organizational Development

I support the development of organic, everyday solutions for organizational and emotional challenges.

For individuals and organizations, that want to:


Learn to constructively deal with stress

Increase personal resilience through sustainable thinking patterns

Establish solution-oriented dynamics and grow as a team

Sustainably improve your surrounding climate by establishing an appreciative communication culture


„How can you create authentic contact with yourself, with your fellow human beings and your environment?“

I have been concerned with this question as a person, coach and process supervisor for around ten years. I offer collective solution models and individual answers with ORGANIC COACHING:

I support a culture in which people can be who they really are and see themselves as living, evolutionary organisms. Every challenge and every crisis harbors an opportunity to grow.

For me, ORGANIC COACHING means confidently shaping your own life in harmony with people and nature



In a confidential setting, I dedicate myself to your current challenges. Coaching is a very individual process in which your personal issues create the process. Every topic can become the focus of the coaching, whether it is work, family or other private matters.
The main goal is to work out with you what the next move for your life will be. After a free, one-hour initial consultation, we will clarify the next steps together.

This includes

  • Actively shape your own ecosystem and remove blockages
  • Actively shape your own ecosystem and remove
  • Create resilience in professional and private life

Every organization, every team, every community is an ecosystem. Unique cycles and processes create specific challenges. These function in the same ways as the processes in the living ecosystems on Earth.

With ORGANIC COACHING I create clarity about the internal ecology of organizations:

  • What are the current challenges in the organization?
  • Do the current structures serve to solve these challenges?
  • What resources are available and are they being fully used?

The goal is to transform existing, rigid structures into resilient and dynamic organisms. Inspired by vibrant, adaptable ecosystems, they can deal with major challenges safely and dynamically.

Workshop Formats

On one or more days in nature, a team takes a holistic perspective – through hiking together, interactive outdoor modules, mindfulness exercises and dynamic reflection sessions.

The focus is on:

  • Strengthening cooperation
  • Shared, mindful experience of nature
  • Time for relaxation, connection and reflection

By observing natural processes, parallels to human systems become visible. How do ecosystems work and how can this knowledge make everyday life easier?
By recognizing and understanding these processes, it is easier to actively and consciously participate in the positive shaping of the personal environment. Healthy, living ecosystems are dynamic and adaptable.

Giving space to oneself, listening to each other and addressing difficult issues in everyday life can be difficult. But: Conflicts offer opportunities to develop relationships with other people, deepening them and making them more authentic.

Main topics of the workshop:

  • Clearly expressing your own needs and ideas
  • Learning to actively resolve conflicts in everyday life
  • Understand people more easily by deep listening

Through practical exercises, short theoretical inputs and tools that can be used in everyday life, all participants have the opportunity to address personal challenges in a safe environment and develop their ways of communicating. Learnings can be implemented in everyday life directly.

Everyday life can be difficult and energy-consuming for many people. Time pressure and stress often leave little room for reflection. Understanding ecosystems is a great help to create sustainable, and individual spaces.
The processes in human systems are similar to those in ecosystems. Life itself is preserved through synergies between living systems. Every forest, lake, family and team is alive and depends on the unique contributions of all members of these systems. Every single person is also a system, with one big difference: we have a direct and daily influence on it.

The main topics of the lecture:

  • A brief introduction to the basic principles of ecosystems and how they can be applied to your own life
  • Direct application of the principles to current personal challenges
  • Topics include: dealing with stress, solving blockages, strategies for personal resilience, adaptation and design of the personal ecosystem

The participants are continuously involved during the workshop. Through short and concise exchanges in small groups, collective knowledge is pooled.

The entire content is coherent and practical.

The Wim Hof ​​Method® impresses with simplicity, applicability and a strong scientific understanding and consists of three components:

  1. Breathing Exercises
  2. Cold Training
  3. Meditation

The scientifically proven effects of the Wim Hof ​​Method® include:

  • Reduced stress
  • Immune system improvement
  • Higher energy levels in everyday life
  • Increased sleep quality
  • Stronger focus and improved mental abilities
  • Faster recovery from mental and physical stress

The Wim Hof ​​Method® is supported by several trend-setting publications in neuroscience and medical science, including in Nature and PNAS, internationally known. An overview of the relevant papers can be found at

Content of the Fundamentals Workshop:

  • Duration 5h
  • Vegetarian / vegan full board
  • Theory input
  • Breathing exercises
  • Meditations
  • Ice bathing

What else:

  • Moderation of Conferences & Meetings
  • Resilience Training and Stress Management
  • Professional & Personal Transformation
  • Process Support and Crisis Management
  • Vision Work


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